A Little Life in Paradise

A flower seed, a swaying palm,
the growing grass. The blue-grey
shifting shapes of cotton cloud lace.
The song of breeze and the red dot
of a slow-moving car on the part hidden road.
The soft touch of your eye
and the gentle draft
that lifts the page on which I write.

All this, framed in horizons of ocean and sky
and the infinity pool that spells,
we’ve arrived. Still our brain’s tease –
as water ripples calm the surface layer
of our sight and the dragon fly skinny dips
the rising tide, only to flutter as the wind
picks up, we hitch tight to the whirring,
voices haranguing our minds.

A virus threat, my child’s threat, her
step-son’s school closed after a single case.
A little life, a leaf that dies, a cockroach
so easily crushed, my ego-self taking
lightning fright. No, not to me! Not to mine!
How import I hold this little life –
a mere floater in the eye, still
I marvel at this spirit-whole that is me.