Another Day Bites the Dust

The refrain repeats, its lulling  
echo each night, in my mind.
A pleasing refrain that allows 
each day its place of rest, 

its completion,
as good as any day,
as good as every day,
as good as the best of days.

To be required to slow,
to stretch into a pace
that allows full breath,
to amble with the rhythm

of the hours and sigh 
with the cadence
of sunset’s dimming glow.
To sing with the ease

of a day just gone, is to touch
the wonder of being and know
that all is well, even as each
in our turn, we too, will pass.

And another day bites the dust.

Note: The tune as in the refrain in Queen’s song, Another One Bites the Dust.  1980
The poem written in Covid Lock Sydney 2021

© Rosalie Fishman May 2020