Heaven is a Moment

When your eyes trail
seam threads lacing
through new leaf’s growth,
when your ears inhale
piano concerto cords
drifting from above.

Heaven is your body’s response,
a barely perceptible sway
and then as the music mounts
you swallow whole the sound,
to find you are one.

Heaven is the tears that stream
un-summoned, knowing you are
loved, a sacred holding place, 
interlaced in dreamtime,
forever and now.

A wet softness that invites
eyes untainted by life,
hugs that enfold to purple light
and the grace to walk gently
beside those who struggle this day.

Heaven, is the soft closing
of eyes as sleep comes,
your nestled face in goose down
and the fingers trace of the child
budding beneath its mother’s heart.
Heaven is a moment in a sigh.

© Rosalie Fishman Sep.2021