John and I are having a surf
Like a heaven on earth
another wave rolls on by
Here we are again at Bondi

Ducking under the break
The best place is out the back
Give yourself up to fate
More than worth the wait

|Water still so warm
perhaps this is the new norm

Suddenly bursting underneath
A dolphin with human feet
Smile, broad then he’s gone
Looking so right so what’s so bloody wrong?

My f…king oath! I swore
Have you seen that before?
Hybrid Cetacean of some sort
Under the wave we just caught…

Inspired to imitate the trick
Dolphin morphing won’t be quick

Waiting for the next set I dream a dreaming
The deep sea is breathing
Now waves have started their attack
A big one breaking left out the back

Trajectory far too late
This one is well out the gate
Next swell is perfection
Dolphin-like kicking in its direction

Now my whole body is under
As one with the ocean & wonder
Streaking below the bubbles
Above the bottom of the sea
No more troubles
I am free