Searching for Rhymes

When it comes to English language and rhyme
aspiring poets can spend endless time
finding odd spellings they can align.
Such fun and ingenious, if anodyne.

There are pitfalls in taking the opposite road
and assuming a rhyme for ‘road’ would be ‘broad’
or when seeking a rhyme mate for the word ‘ache’
seizing the tempting, exciting ‘moustache’.

So why doesn’t a word as straightforward as ‘heard’
stack up with another with a spelling like ‘beard’?
And in seeking a rhyme for the appealing ‘forgive’
how easy to bypass ‘sieve’ for ‘alive’.

All very confusing, so give us a break!
Let’s rebel from tradition and spell as we speak
as Icelanders do. Letts reeform and reenyoo
this krayzee beewildering lingwistick zoo.