The Live Band

They play on and on
as the stations arrive
and the people brush by them
to shoulder inside.

Bazookist and drummer
exchange grinning glances
with the double bass player
who plucks as she prances.

The violinist sways
and he tosses crescendos
to the drummer who’s pounding
as if there’s no end, so

they play on and on
while the stations depart,
pirouette as they sing
and make magical art.

They dance and they play –
they’re incredibly funny –
they bow and they twirl
without asking for money.

As the train barrels on,
faces crack into smiles
and some folks start clapping
for musical miles.

It’s the end of the line
and the people leave humming…
the musicians stay on
and continue their drumming.

What better to do
in this life, I suppose,
than make music and laughter
before the doors close?